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Cannes calling for Pune short-filmmaker!

Prajakta Pandhare

Thu May 15 2014 18:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Pune-based filmmaker Avinash Vasu’s short film Lost & Found to be screened at Festival de Cannes

Multi-tasking is what this young filmmaker from the city enjoys doing the most. In his early 20s, Avinash aka Avi is one of the youngest directors from India whose film has been selected for the screening at the ongoing prestigious Cannes Film Festival.In his three years of filmmaking, Avi has made many short films, around 30 while in college. Though he was a science student, Avi said that every student was given a choice of subjects to choose from, other than the curriculum. And that’s when he took up filmmaking and formed his own team for his production house back in college. “I learnt a lot while in college; it was a good experience. My creative skills gave me an edge over other students and I am glad I went ahead with my gut feeling.”He moved to Mumbai last year to set up his own production house, Erango Media. His 15-minute short film, Lost & Found, is about a young boy who finds his true passion, irrespective of the disbelief shown by his father in him. Actor Boman Irani has lent his voice to the character of the father in the film. Though his role is only over the phone, Avi feels glad that he got Irani to do the voiceover. “My producer knew Boman Irani. They were discussing something one day, when I walked in. He showed interest in the script, and that’s how we thought of approaching him for the voiceover. He was unwell at the time of our shoot but still gave his 100 per cent, and guided us throughout the making of the film.” The entire film has been shot at various locations in Mumbai over a period of two months. Avi had his script ready, but there was a major hitch just before the shoot was scheduled to begin. The lead actor unfortunately died in an accident and had to be replaced immediately. “We were all in a state of shock but someone had to replace the lead, so we got Kanan Chakor (he has worked in many ad films before) on board. He has done a fabulous job in the film.” (Lost & Found will be screened every day in the Short Film Corner after its premiere on May 15 at the festival)

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